Chris Burton is a composer, session musician and instrumental teacher based in Cornwall and Devon.

Chris Burton’s portfolio career spans several musical fields. The music section of the website contains all of his solo musical projects. To commission Chris to compose a soundtrack for a game or short film go to the composing page. To hire Chris to play bass guitar for any studio or live performance go to the session page. Chris also offers one-to-one sessions in bass guitar from beginner to advanced; more details are on the teaching page. For further details and information check out the contact page which has a full list of contact options for Chris.

Having knowledge and experience in a multitude of musical aspects is important for musicians right now. Chris has proficiency in the bass guitar (grade 8) and has multiple years of experience with the acoustic and electric guitar, piano and marimba. He has an advanced knowledge of musical theory to an undergraduate standard and has years of experience in instrumental teaching and teaching in schools, teaching Year 7's music lessons whilst in A-Level. Chris also has an advanced knowledge of prouduction skill, allowing him to record, mix and master his own work.

Chris is currently working on a research project relating to multisampling and timbre that will hopefully advance instrument sampling technology, this project spans from September to December 2015.

"Chris's technical skill and knowledge of his instrument ensures that a consistent level of professionalism is present throughout the project."

Chris frequently performs with the Devon based jazz-funk band 'Punctuality' who can be hired for private functions such as wedding receptions, birthdays or christmas parties at a negotiable price. More information on the band can be found on their official website

Chris also records with Cornish parody band 'Gravity Pandas', rearranging and recreating songs from Eminem to The Buggles to Red Hot Chili Peppers